Love U Already is for who dare to hope for what — or who — hasn't happened yet. To know your love story is written just haven't reached its chapter in your story yet. To believe in a possibility you cannot prove for certain is bold. It's rebelliously romantic. Which is why, Love U Already is for the new rebels, the hopeful romantics.

"I! Only! Wanna! Live! Forever!" is the hopeful romantic, the youthful soul who believes true love really does exist, and can shift everything. It's a getaway from the city of angels to the Deserts of California, where time seems to slip away and stay still all at once.

"Millennium Angel" is the main character moment of arriving in a new place and trying to find out who you are there. It’s the only song on this album that was written in Los Angeles and I wrote it to a generation of dreamers just trying to fit in when we were born to shine in our own unique ways. Sometimes it’s worth being lonely for a little bit to pioneer permission for others to spread their wings too. In the end, I know we’re gonna make it after all.

This story has only just begun unfurling… I hope you are loving it so far. This is a world I have dreamed of creating for years! In a way, it’s the same story I’ve been telling since the beginning: a girl and her notebook, dreaming up all she could be and trying to make sense of the wild world around her.

Portals was quite the adventure to write and record! We made this in a few different bedroom recording studios across many months and then had it mixed by a wonderful mix engineer in Switzerland who truly brought it to life. These songs meant so much to me, maybe too much to me! I wanted to create an album which would serve as a shimmering, cinematic pop bridge into the future of what I hoped to create as an artist. I wanted to let my listeners hear that I had more styles and songs and ideas in my heart than what they’d heard so far. And I desperately hoped they’d want to come on that journey with me! Writing this album felt like breaking out of a cocoon for the first time and learning to fly.

A collection of 8 songs that I somehow never imagined as an album, but they became one and now seem as though they always were building on and into one another. My first years writing for television and film produced these darker ballads and introduced me to the world of cinematic music, which I fell in love with. After seeing the powerful partnership of music and on-screen magic, I was hooked. I still approach writing music as a soundtrack, no matter the genre, when I am writing in different styles today. I hope my music underscores my listener’s ‘main character moments’ for many years to come.

My first collaborative effort and something I am still truly proud of. This stretched me in new ways and I found myself excited at what I could do with the help of an accomplished and imaginative producer involved. Many of these songs were also written in my college years but didn’t make it onto Fear & Fable because I had wanted to save them for someone capable of building the world I saw and heard inside my head. Enter Matt Stanfield, who produced this, and the rest is history. In these songs you can hear a girl beginning to heal, sensing Spring around the corner but very much so still knee-deep in winter snow.

This tiny family of songs will always be dear to my heart. It took so much courage for me to record these and share them with the world. To this day it’s the only “album” of mine that I wrote entirely alone, most of them written in my college years studying abroad in Sydney, Australia, through some tumultuous times. I love how much I’ve grown since then, with the help, encouragement and support of a great many people…but I’ll never forget where and how it all started, alone in a bedroom, pen to the page, scribbling until I had fully exhaled the war inside onto the notebook in my hands.